Welcome to Songdance CiRCLE

A healing community with powerful teachings and live music


Songdance CiRCLE is an online community for souls on the journey.
We use grounded and proven healing modalities that help our participants grow in all areas of their life.

We use healing modalities such as sound healing, inner child healing, movement medicine, the heart opening power of mantra singing, constellation work and much moreā€¦

Through regular online live classes, we create an atmosphere of trust and sharing.

We make use of live music during the classes to build a strong field of love.
This 'love-field' forms the foundation of the healing that happens through this community.

The schedule of live classes is catered for the different global timezones.
There are replays you can watch for live classes you don't want to miss.

Next to live events, there is also plenty of 'self-paced' content to experience.
There are movement flows, meditations, audio stories, mantras and courses.

Our community members are from all over the world.
This creates a richness and cultural diversity.
Through our healing journey, we are all connected.

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